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Source: boffin1710 (tumblr)


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Young Werewolf Alec by skylocked

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Forget the Bastard!!



fraternizing with team management is one of our favorite things.  

now, come over here and kiss us.


The Ideal Villain Lair


1. Location, location, location

Your lair absolutely must be near water. The more water the better. Supervillains have been known to build underwater lairs or submersible ships. These are excellent, except this can lead to issues with recirculated air. And you can’t build sandcastles. 

2. The cells

World domination tends to create enemies. It’s a risk that comes with the job. And sometimes those enemies come knocking on your door and you are too busy to deal with them right this moment, you had a packed schedule and you can’t have some silly spy messing that up. So you have to put them in a holding cell. It’s important that ventilation ducts are properly small, the door cannot be opened by a nail file, and the guards do not have a physical key. It is best to make them comfortable just in case you do actually have guests who you are entertaining. 

3. Wildlife

Your lair needs to have some animals. What species depends on the mood you are trying to create. Jellyfish can create the feeling of a subtle threat, but go for the sharks if you are compensating for something. A small pet to pet while you monologue is great. This can be of the cat or iguana variety, a select few opting for snake. That requires good back strength though. 

4. Architecture 

Personally I prefer the Gothic vibe – vaulted ceilings and columns, not to mention the solid stone to keep all of my computer systems cool. However the modern look can utilize glass for joint torture sessions or to accent the waterfall features. Regardless, one needs to consider both the security of the computer systems, and the resonance of the room in which you will give your villainous monologue. It does not do to be interrupted as the enemy keeps asking you to speak up.

5. Internet access

We’ve all been on road trips where your signal just goes dead. You can’t watch your favourite movie, let alone hack into MI6. Either go somewhere with good infrastructure, or be prepared to hire engineers and launch satellites to have your own. 


Villain Day…. Raoul Silva.  (its an old graphic but I still feel the same way…)

Not only is he destined to take over the world in his eyes, he is unpredictable, out for revenge against not only Bond and MI6, but M herself.  He is uttering bat shite crazy which brings a shudder to the best of us with his psychologically smarmy personality.


“You know, I never imagined you had such artistic flair, Alec.”

“Well Q, I never had such a delicious canvas to play with.”

Classic Bond prompt table: food porn, aquatic creatures (no one said they had to be alive…)

The Years to Come …


This is truly beautiful

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