AsheTarasovich Masterpost – 2018 007Fest

I have to express my love and gratitude to two amazing people who compiled this on my behalf while I was off having a mental meltdown elsewhere.  @boffin1710 and @00qpidsarrow do an amazing job of keeping me from losing the plot on a daily basis.  Also, wonderful @00qpidsarrow created the beautiful banner above for me, which I simply adore.

Grand Total:  453 points

Comments (65 points):

65 via Ao3 and Tumblr

Viewing Party (2 points):



Fanfiction – One-Shot (25 points)

The Kindness of Strangers (Sennight)

Out of Place


A Boffin’s Right to Shoes

At Skyfall’s End (round robin)

Fanfiction – Chapter (180 points)

The Ache for Home: Part Four (10 chapters)

2018 – Chapters 11-15 (5 chapters)

Makarovich (21 chapters)

Fanart/Fanedit (35 points)

Eve Moneypenny

Now Pay Attention 007

Gabe McInnery


Eve/Tanner Time Travel (Dr. Who)

Felix Leiter

Eve Moneypenny 2

Headcanon (25 points)

Gabe McInnery

Eve Moneypenny

Eve Moneypenny 2

Eve Moneypenny 3

Eve/Tanner Time Travel (Dr. Who)

Rare Pair Bonus (5 points):

J/Q/A – Makarovich/Ache for Home

Comment Bonus (41 points):

31 Creations in 31 Days Bonus (75 points):