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All you need is a love of reading, writing, and a bar-like atmosphere.  Alcohol, cigarettes and Sean Bean optional…

I wanted a place where I could be my opinionated self on topics that occur to me during my reading and writing pursuits, and this is it.  Comments are welcome, even if you disagree with my point of view, but please remain respectful.  The bar staff are not here to take your abuse and the bouncer is trained in highly painful eviction techniques.


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Ha’way Marra, Tark Proppa!

If the title had you thinking I was speaking in a foreign language… well, you wouldn’t be far wrong.  I suppose it’s a phonetic representation of a North Eastern UK phrase meaning “Come, my friend, speak correctly”, but it perfectly illustrates what I want to talk about, and that is, the writing of regional accents and dialect. Continue reading “Ha’way Marra, Tark Proppa!”

Safe Sex: A Moral Dilemma?

Some time ago I got involved in a debate about the role of safe sex in fanfic and our ‘moral obligation’ to promote safe sex to readers.  My opponent in the debate was also a writer who was very much pro the explicit use of condoms and other barrier methods in her sex writing, and also insistent on explicit consent being given every time.  Her reasoning was based on her own past negative sexual experiences, but also that she was aware that younger teens seek out fanfic for their favourite shows and movies, and knowing that, she felt she had a duty to write characters acting responsibly.  To her vexation, I disagreed. Continue reading “Safe Sex: A Moral Dilemma?”

Big, Scary Goals

All of the best goals should stretch you, challenge you.

Aidan J. Reid

You know the type.

Batshit crazy to others. Except you.
A goal that makes you pee your pants a little just thinking about it.
Something you’ve dreamt of all your life but kept hidden from others for fear of judgement or ridicule.
A goal so ambitious it looks impossible, given the current snapshot of your life.

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Defending the Electronic Word


Last week, a friend and I were discussing books versus e-books, or rather we were talking about the snobbishness of some readers when it comes to favouring ‘real’ books over e-readers.  This is not the first time I have encountered the ‘which is best?’ argument, but there were a couple of points raised in defence of e-readers that I had not considered before, so I thought it worth a comment here. Continue reading “Defending the Electronic Word”

Trigger Me Not

The subject of triggers comes up regularly amongst fanfic writers, normally in the context of ‘to tag or not to tag’. In my experience of being involved in this argument, or actively trying to avoid it, one thing is clear – it is a very emotive subject for many reasons, and it’s almost impossible to gain a consensus that is satisfactory to all.

Continue reading “Trigger Me Not”

Tripping over shoes

Do you ever become engrossed in a story and suddenly trip over a shoe?

I can tell you’re confused, so let me illustrate with a few lines of my own writing…

“Q hit the deck, quite literally, Alec following him down to the sun-warmed floor. Q’s hands scrabbled at Alec’s shirt, attempting to tear it from his back so he could claw at Alec’s tanned skin, feel the muscles of his shoulders flexing, as Alec pinned him to the yacht’s sun deck.”

I hope you would agree that we feel Q’s desperation to get Alec out of his clothes so they can move on to the fun stuff. Our focus is on the passion between them and we are with them, in the moment.

Now, with a rather contrived and exaggerated addition, I’ll show you what I mean by the ‘shoe’… Continue reading “Tripping over shoes”

Unhappily Ever After

“I don’t mind an angsty story as long as it has a fluffy happy ending.”

I see this a lot on writing groups when the question is posed ‘fluff or angst?’ and invariably there are more who agree with a happy ending than not.

Why? Continue reading “Unhappily Ever After”

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